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Sports Gambling Online Guide's Bet Types Tutorial

Here are some of the types of online bets offered, and a brief definition of each:

Futures: Wagers made on future events, such as the winner of a tournament, or outcome of an entire season.

If-bet: A set of two wagers, where the second bet is only active if the first bet wins (or sometimes wins or ties).
In-line bet: Wagers made after the event has already started.

Halves, Periods, or Quarters: Sides or totals wagers placed on one "section" (half, quarter, or period of the game).

Money line: The standard bet. You pick who will win the game.

Parlay: You make two or more wagers. You win if and only if all of the individual wagers that make up the parlay win. Generally, the more individual wagers included in the parlay, the higher the payout.

Props: A bet that is "propositioned" and does not necessarily fall in any of the other categories.

Points (buying or selling): A modification of another type of wager where a player either pays less favorable odds for moving the the spread in his favor or gets more favorable odds for moving the spread against him.

Round robin: A combination of parlay wagers, where you bet all possible parlays for a particular number of teams.

Reverse: Like an If-bet except that in the set of two wagers, both bets are active if any one of the bets wins.

Side: You decide which team will win the game, including a point spread in your wager.

Teaser: Like a parlay, except that the line is adjusted a certain number of points on each one in your favor.

Total: A wager on whether the total number of points scored by both teams is over or under a particular number.

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